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The Future Of MMA Fighting

The Future Of MMA Fighting

The Future Of MMA Fighting – Shin Do Kumate Strykerz is the superior fighting system with over thousand years of traditional Martial Arts and Muay Thai history that follow honor, ancient cultural, respect and fierce fighting skills. in Tampa Bay …

Muay Thai Classic Fight-52

Muay Thai Classic Upcoming Fight

Muay Thai Classic Upcoming Fight For October 3rd, 2014 in Yard Of Ale!Fighters coming from New York, Chicago, IL and Muay Thai Gym from all over Florida to compete in the most exciting fighting tournament in Florida for Muay …

Muay Thai Classic 27

Friday Night Fights – Muay Thai Classic™ XXVII

Muay Thai Classic 27 – Friday Night Fights at Yard Of Ale Gastro Pub in Clearwater, Florida. This event features Florida State Championship Title Fights in various weight divisions.  Fighters from all over the state will come together for a …

Muay Thai Classic-Shariff Farrow

Clearwater Muay Thai Classic Fight Results

Clearwater Muay Thai Classic Fight,Results. MKM Knockout Promotions organized another successful amateur Muay Thai Classic event. Throughout the years, MKM has worked hard to promote professional televised fights and amateur shows to introduce the true striking art in North America …


Clearwater Muay Thai Fight Line Up

Clearwater Muay Thai Fight Line Up – Friday Night Fight at Yard Of Ale June 6th. Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classic XXVI Fight Promotions to benefit “Fighting For Children”. Please show your support for this upcoming amateur Muay Thai fights, …

Friday Night Fight - Muay Thai Classic 26

Friday Night Fight Muay Thai Classic

Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classic™ is one of the most prestigious Amateur Muay Thai Competitions in the U.S. drawing male and female fighters of all ages from around the world. Since 1995, the Muay Thai Classic has provided a foundation …



Shahnaz Moayedi

Shahnaz Moayedi, 17 years old, has an amateur Muay Thai record of 15 − 2 − 3 KO’s. She is is currently training extraordinarily hard to challenge a lot of big name fighters for world titles.…


Desiree Samson

Desiree Samson has started her amateur career with Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classics and achieved a record of 6 − 1 under the personal guidance and training of Master Mehrdad. He hopes to guide her further into a professional career.…


Lloyd Walton

Master Mehrdad welcomes Lloyd Walton to the next Muay Thai Classic competition and hopes to help Mr. Walton reach his goal to become a professional Muay Thai fighter. We appreciate Lloyd Walton’s support as a trainer and fighter to all …